20 apr b Are Your Children Addicted to Smartphone?Nowadays, there are many ways that can be done by parents to make their children happy. One of them is giving their children smartphone. Unfortunately, most children use their smartphone excessively so they are addicted to this gadget. This is a serious problem because it brings various negative effects to children. For example: feel lazy to study and become disobedient if they often watch inappropriate videos in their smartphone.

As a good parent, you are required to find solution for this problem and save your children from smartphone addiction as well as you can. How? Do several things below:

Divert children’s attention

Divert children’s attention by inviting them to chat, do sport, go on vacation, etc. By doing this way, you can reduce children’s dependence and addiction to smartphone significantly. Remember to put their smartphone away when you are doing activities together with them. Besides, you can tell them about negative effects of smartphones so they can reduce smartphone usage.

Prohibit children to bring smartphone outside home

To ease you control children in using smartphone, especially at home, prohibit them to bring smartphone outside home. You can save their smartphone when they want to play outside or go to school.

In addition, don’t forget to check their smartphone’s contents in detail. You are allowed to scold and punish them without using violence if you find bad contents inside.

Install spy app

Installing spy app on children’s smartphone is a must, especially if you have tight schedule outside home that makes you unable to monitor your children well. Remember to choose high quality cell phone spy apps, such as: mSpy that enables you to check both incoming and outgoing calls, read text messages, monitor internet usage, and lock children’s smartphone fast when children abuse their smartphone. If you don’t spy them, they might be not only addicted to smartphone more but also trapped in smartphone abuse.

Bear in mind to crack down your children by not only giving educative punishments, like taking grounded and reducing their pocket money but also foreclosing their smartphone for a long time if they use smartphone excessively and don’t listen to your warning anymore.


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2 Responses

  1. Pepe says:

    I’ll try to use mSpy.

  2. Rossi says:

    Yes, my children are. I think I need your solutions so they won’t be that addicted to smartphone anymore.

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